The GDPR Support subscription provides you with the best means of complying with GDPR and maintaining such GDPR compliance. Our personal data specialists are the most talented in Denmark and will assist you in maintaining high compliance levels within your business thereby upholding your relationship of trust with customers, employees and business partners. At a fixed monthly rate, we may release resources for you to focus your efforts on business.

It may be a difficult task for an enterprise to comply with all GDPR requirements. Both time and specialist knowledge are required to convert the practice of the Danish Data Protection Agency into specific procedures and work processes – and it is particularly difficult to maintain GDPR compliance. For most enterprises, however, failure to comply with GDPR requirements is not an option since the consequences may be inadequate data security, penalties, loss of reputation and mistrust from customers, employees and business partners.

At Bech-Bruun, we have consequently created a GDPR Support subscription solution enabling you to safeguard high compliance levels within your organisation and at the same time releasing your internal resources for other tasks.

A solution tailored to your specific needs 

We tailor the support solution to your specific needs, and getting started is easy: