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In recent years, legaltech and the use of digital tools have had a major impact on how legal advice is provided.

At Bech-Bruun, we have used digital tools for a long time. In a few short years, we have managed to supplement our core service – legal specialist knowledge – with the use of technology.

Our targeted focus on technology makes us one of the leading players in legal tech, and we would be pleased to advise your enterprise in order for you to feel confident that you are getting state-of-the-art legal advice while at the same time not missing out on the advantages provided by technology.

Our inhouse legaltech department, Legal Tech Innovation, makes it possible for us to make a qualified assessment of where technology can make a marked difference in your business.

In addition, the legaltech company, .legal, owned by the partners of Bech-Bruun, turns innovative ideas into tangible legaltech products. This means that we guarantee both quality and applicability in our solutions.

Our past use of technology has prepared us for the future and made it possible for us to be a first mover in the digital transformation of the industry. And we are pleased to share this experience and knowledge with you thus enabling your enterprise to optimise its use of technology in the legal processes in a manageable way.

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