Most people fail to see that marriage contracts and wills are crucial, not only for the distribution of assets in the event of divorce or death, but also for the total taxation in the event of death. And that marriage contracts and wills are necessary to ensure ownership of and operation of businesses. But such is the case – and advice must be rendered and drafting performed with a commercial understanding and a sense for personal balance.

Death triggers a number of formal rules in relation to the law of the administration of estates and the tax authorities – and the beneficiaries' mutual relationships. Naturally, it requires formal handling, and practical assistance is often needed. However, generally, people fail to see that in the event of death, the same needs and opportunities for creating value-adding solutions arise as in the event of inter vivos estate planning. Deaths, therefore, often require not only general administration of the estate, but specialised and holistic tax-law, legal and personal advice – with a commercial understanding. 

Bech-Bruun is leading in rendering advice on and handling estate planning and is often involved by the Confederation of Danish Industry, banks, auditors and other lawyers. We ensure that our experience and knowledge are applied actively wherever relevant.

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We wish to inspire and create solutions to protect your business, family and assets, inter vivos as well as in the event of death.

In any family with a business or assets, the advice on and drafting of marriage contracts and wills are key instruments to protect substantial financial interests. We have a highly-developed technical expertise and considerable experience in creating personal solutions with a commercial understanding that complement existing agreements, etc.

This also applies to deaths where special needs for advice, care and practical assistance arise. We not only wish to handle general administration of the estate – we also attach importance to rendering qualified and value-adding legal, commercial and personal advice to protect the family as well as assets. We get involved. 

Our expertise includes:

  • Asset protection through marriage contracts or wills
  • Protection of family and assets in the event of death
  • Cross-border asset and family matters.

In case family members and assets are spread throughout several countries, emigrate from or immigrate to Denmark, cross-border issues arise which may be surprising as well as complex. We have considerable experience and work actively with our vast network of foreign specialist lawyers to ensure efficient settlement and professional solutions.


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