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Industries and markets are subject to rapid change more than ever before due to explosive technological development, digitisation and disruption, introducing new business concepts and growth potentials. The financial sector is a good example of an industry which, owing to digitisation, has changed considerably and is undergoing rapid development. In particular FinTech (Financial Services & Technology) is of importance to such development and the provision of products and services – and to the future financial sector.

For several years, we have worked intensively with financial sector digitisation. Our legal advisory services are therefore grounded in high legal specialisation and a detailed understanding of technological development within the industry.

Our interdisciplinary FinTech team has great knowledge of regulatory issues in respect of financial services, and we advise on all legal aspects of FinTech and digital innovation within the industry. Our clients include financial, IT and business enterprises, learning to understand and apply FinTech, including in connection with start-ups, licence requirements, financing and cooperation.

We offer, for example, extensive and combined legal services to enterprises wishing to start up new financial enterprises or FinTech ventures in the Danish market as well as advice to new market operators on the complex set of rules.

Our advisory services include, for example:

  • Setting up, licensing and operating FinTech enterprises
  • FinTech ventures, transfers and investments
  • Payment and e-money institutions
  • Payment applications
  • Robo-advisors and other digital investment services
  • Digital crowdfunding platforms
  • Collective digital investment platforms (AIFM/AIF units)
  • Blockchain, cryptocurrency and ICOs
  • Outsourcing of FinTech services
  • Licence agreements in respect of FinTech productsData protection and cyber security.

Our team consists of highly skilled and specialised lawyers who are among the leading advisers within the field of expertise.  Our advisory services are rendered by an interdisciplinary team of specialists with wide-ranging professional expertise within, for example, Regulatory Issues, Compliance, Data Protection, M&A & Corporate Matters, Media & Entertainment, IT & Digitisation, New Technology, etc.


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