Strategic and executive sparring. Our General Counsel Network offers you personal, professional and business development and sparring in a confidential forum.

As legal counsel you often stand alone when important strategic and executive decisions are made. The meetings of our General Counsel Network are your continued access to a confidential forum after you have completed the General Counsel Programme, and the meetings are based on the every-day issues and role of the general counsel. The aim is to assist each other, share knowledge and inspiration, and hearing what others have learned since the last meeting.

To each network meeting we invite a speaker to talk about subjects in continuation of the General Counsel Programme.

Membership and terms
The General Counsel Network is exclusively for people who have completed our General Counsel Programme. When you have been enrolled in the programme, you are automatically invited into the network.

Learn more about our General Counsel Programme here.


You will be invited to network meetings twice a year. The meetings are arranged by and held at Bech-Bruun, and the network is administered by Christian Ejvin Andersen, managing director at Bech-Bruun. 

Attendance is free of charge.

Feel free to contact Sofie Erdmann or your contact with Bech-Bruun if you have any questions to our General Counsel Network.