Design og stærke brands er nogle af de vigtigste faktorer for vækst og konkurrenceevne. Virksomheder har derfor et stort behov for globalt at beskytte deres produktdesign og brands og for hurtigt at standse krænkelser af deres rettigheder.

Den juridiske rådgivning kan med fordel integreres allerede ved opstart af branding- og designprocessen, og den løbende strategiske sparring og administration af rettigheder globalt skal være effektiv og omkostningsoptimeret. 

Vi rådgiver både mindre iværksættervirksomheder og multinationale koncerner om at stifte og beskytte varemærkerettigheder, domænenavne og designs, ligesom vi håndterer og rådgiver om alle juridiske aspekter inden for IPR-porteføljer. Vi rådgiver om:

  • Varemærkeundersøgelser
  • Overvågning af varemærker og designs
  • Indsigelses- og ophævelsessager
  • Brand protection
  • Registrering af varemærker og designs i Danmark, EU og internationalt
  • Porteføljehåndtering
  • Licensaftaler
  • Varemærkekrænkelser
  • Digital håndhævelse
  • Toldregistreringer
  • Anti counterfeit
  • Varemærke- og designstrategi
  • Domænenavne.

Vi fører et stort antal forbudssager, bevissikringssager samt krænkelses- og gyldighedssager om varemærker og design. Derudover fører vi mange klagesager ved Klagenævnet for Domænenavne og internationale klagenævn. Vi tilbyder desuden digital overvågning af varemærker og domænenavne, såvel regionalt som globalt, og vi har et stort internationalt netværk af samarbejdspartnere, som sikrer hurtig og effektiv håndhævelse. Vi rådgiver om varemærke- og designstrategi og forestår globale brand protection-programmer. 

Registrering og beskyttelse af varemærker og rettigheder går tit på tværs af landegrænser – og det samme gør behovet for juridisk hjælp. Vi har et globalt netværk af specialiserede jurister, som vi kan trække på, når vores klienter har brug for det.

For at sikre den bedste rådgivning arbejder vi også hyppigt sammen med specialister inden for fx Persondata, Compliance, EU- & KonkurrenceretIntellectual Property mfl.

For de mange af vores klienter som har aktiviteter i Kina, fremgår nedenfor de gængse helligdage i Kina i 2022. Der kan forekomme yderligere helligdage lokalt, ligesom kinesisk nytår i nogle regioner og institutioner medfører længere eller kortere nedlukning end anført.

Vi står naturligvis til rådighed, hvis der er spørgsmål. Kontakt Emmelie Schmidt,,  25 26 36 62.

Trademarks & Design

Intellectual Property

What the team is known for
Bech-Bruun is a full-service law firm assisting clients with the full gamut of IP strategy, registration, protection and enforcement. The team frequently handles contentious and non-contentious copyright, trade mark and design rights matters. It also acts on patent disputes in the pharmaceutical sector. Bech-Bruun has additional expertise in the commercialisation of IP, including distribution, licensing and franchise agreements The firm is also experienced in mandates involving international elements.

A client says: "Bech-Bruun has an excellent ability to manoeuvre between legal and technical matters."

Another client highlights Bech-Bruun's remarkable international capabilities, noting that "the team knows the spirit and values of our company, resulting in excellent and very useful advice."

Work highlights
Represented Samsung Bioepis in a patent infringement case relating to a biosimilar medicine.

Notable practitioners
Claus Barrett Christiansen advances in this year's rankings after receiving remarkable client feedback. He acts for clients on trade mark and design infringement disputes and issues of marketing law. A source enthuses: "He is tough, very knowledgeable and always one step ahead of our opponents when setting the strategy. He has an in-depth knowledge of our business and he is a brilliant communicator."

Dan Bjerg Geary advises on the IP aspects of franchise, distribution and licensing agreements, having additional experience in patent and copyright infringements. A client praises him for "his remarkable ability to combine legal insight with great commercial understanding."

Klaus Madsen advances in the rankings following impressive market recognition. He receives plaudits for his expertise in patent disputes, often representing pharmaceutical companies. Interviewees note his great presence in the courtroom.

Martin Dræbye Gantzhorn assists pharmaceutical companies with IP issues such as patent infringement and regulatory matters. He also acts in disputes pertaining to marketing and advertising issues. Clients distinguish him as "an amazing business partner who is deeply engaged with the client's business" and as "an excellent communicator."

Chambers and Partners Europe 2022, Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Legal 500 - Bech-Bruun

Ranked: Tier 1

Bech-Bruun is a market leader for patent work and houses the ‘best life sciences practice in Denmark’. It is also prominent in trade marks, design issues and marketing work, with practice co-head Claus Barrett Christiansen being an expert in this area. Mikkel Friis Rossa jointly leads the team with Christiansen, who is also a key practitioner of the firm’s Chinese desk, representing Chinese multinationals on all aspects of IP, with a focus on online sales. The group also has significant expertise in tech transfers, transactional work and licensing issues, with Dan Bjerg Geary taking the lead on these mandates. For patent infringement cases, Klaus Ewald Madsen is recommended.

"The best life sciences practice in Denmark. the very high degree of knowledge on statutory law, industry practice. Understands the market. Efficient and easy to work with."

"The team excels in readily usable advice and a commercial mindset. Availability is great and the legal and technical competencies are wide-ranging within the relevant technology fields."

"They are fast, competent and have a commercial mindset. Compared to other companies I have worked with, they are unique both because of their knowledge and skills, creative thinking and problem-solving approach."

"Bech-Bruun Denmark has the strongest, most professional, globally focused Intellectual Property practice in the world."

"The best IP team I have ever worked with! Proactive, knowledgeable and always reachable."

Legal 500, Intellectual Property

IP Stars

Patent contentious

  • Tier 1

Trade Mark contentious

  • Tier 1

Copyright & related rights

  • Tier 2

Trademark prosecution

  • Highly recommended

WTR 1000

“One of the best IP groups in the country, Bech-Bruun provides a top service at favourable rates.” The ensemble caters to a long list of industry leaders, which benefit from a comprehensive offering and a dedicated Chinese desk; it has also been consolidating its position in the United States, where its New York branch has entered into its third year of operations. It has lately been chalking up the victories in contentious settings, including a High Court win for Scandinavia’s largest privately owned supermarket chain, Salling Group. The architect behind this was Claus Barrett Christiansen, who has a knack for turning cases around. In the words of one patron, “Claus is not only extremely skilled, proactive and trustworthy, but a lovely person too. He is a truly valued business partner who always has an answer to our problems.” Claus Barrett Christiansen often links up with Inge Kirstine Skou, who also garners warm plaudits: “She combines her industry expertise with her knowledge of current trends to provide practical and valuable advice. Whether it be larger strategic considerations, filing, enforcement or just day-to-day sparring, Inge is pragmatic and solution oriented.”

WTR 1000, 2021


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