Design og stærke brands er nogle af de vigtigste faktorer for vækst og konkurrenceevne. Virksomheder har derfor et stort behov for globalt at beskytte deres produktdesign og brands og for hurtigt at standse krænkelser af deres rettigheder.

Den juridiske rådgivning kan med fordel integreres allerede ved opstart af branding- og designprocessen, og den løbende strategiske sparring og administration af rettigheder globalt skal være effektiv og omkostningsoptimeret. 

Vi rådgiver både mindre iværksættervirksomheder og multinationale koncerner om at stifte og beskytte varemærkerettigheder, domænenavne og designs, ligesom vi håndterer og rådgiver om alle juridiske aspekter inden for IPR-porteføljer. Vi rådgiver om:

  • Varemærkeundersøgelser
  • Overvågning af varemærker og designs
  • Indsigelses- og ophævelsessager
  • Brand protection
  • Registrering af varemærker og designs i Danmark, EU og internationalt
  • Porteføljehåndtering
  • Licensaftaler
  • Varemærkekrænkelser
  • Digital håndhævelse
  • Toldregistreringer
  • Anti counterfeit
  • Varemærke- og designstrategi
  • Domænenavne.

Vi fører et stort antal forbudssager, bevissikringssager samt krænkelses- og gyldighedssager om varemærker og design. Derudover fører vi mange klagesager ved Klagenævnet for Domænenavne og internationale klagenævn. Vi tilbyder desuden digital overvågning af varemærker og domænenavne, såvel regionalt som globalt, og vi har et stort internationalt netværk af samarbejdspartnere, som sikrer hurtig og effektiv håndhævelse. Vi rådgiver om varemærke- og designstrategi og forestår globale brand protection-programmer. 

Registrering og beskyttelse af varemærker og rettigheder går tit på tværs af landegrænser – og det samme gør behovet for juridisk hjælp. Vi har et globalt netværk af specialiserede jurister, som vi kan trække på, når vores klienter har brug for det.

For at sikre den bedste rådgivning arbejder vi også hyppigt sammen med specialister inden for fx Persondata, Compliance, EU- & KonkurrenceretIntellectual Property mfl.

Trademarks & Design

Intellectual Property

What the team is known for
Well-respected team best known for handling contentious and non-contentious trade mark matters, including anti-counterfeiting of products and franchise agreements. Frequently acts on patent infringement cases, as well as providing strategic and transactional patent advice. Also active in the copyright area, as well as handling large data protection and compliance projects. Offers considerable expertise in the life sciences sector and represents pharmaceutical companies as well as many notable brands from other sectors. Experienced in mandates involving international elements.

One client enthuses: "Bech-Bruun’s IP department is second to none in Denmark. It has an impressive team of legal experts who are ready for any task. We especially appreciate their pragmatic, commercial mindset and outstanding expert knowledge."

Another source describes the practitioners as "very flexible and able to help with cross-border matters in the Nordics."

Work highlights
Advised Hedensted on litigation proceedings against Jasopels concerning the validity and infringement of its patents.

Notable practitioners
Christian Vinding Thomsen primarily advises clients in the life sciences and healthcare sectors. He is recognised for his regulatory and compliance activities. Clients state that he is "knowledgeable, proactive, flexible, attentive and accessible."

Claus Barrett Christiansen specialises in trade mark and design law and advised Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein on trade mark enforcement strategy. Sources consider him a "skilled trade mark litigator" who has a "large portfolio in trade marks."

Dan Bjerg Geary enters the rankings due to strong client feedback. He focuses on litigation, disputes and trade mark infringement cases. Clients observe that he is "always calm and acts on facts." Another source regards him as a "very effective and highly skilled lawyer who delivers fast solutions."

Klaus Madsen is well versed in patent law and patent litigation. He acts on behalf of clients from the pharmaceutical and manufacturing sectors. Sources praise him for being "very strong in patents."

Martin Dræbye Gantzhorn is active in the life sciences sector. He advises on litigation strategy, patent and regulatory cases. Clients consider him a "very skilled, capable and well connected" practitioner who is able to "come up with good ideas and solutions."

The core expertise of Mikkel Friis Rossa lies in IPR, data protection and marketing law. Clients endorse him for his "strong commercial mindset" and for being "straight to the point." Friis Rossa is also praised for being "able to simplify very complex legal solutions."

Chambers and Partners Europe, Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Bech-Bruun fields an ‘impressive team of legal experts’ that is ‘ready for any task related to IP’. Klaus Ewald Madsen represented Teva Pharmaceuticals in a patent case against AstraZeneca. ‘Professional and pragmaticDan Bjerg Geary advises Fiskars Denmark on all IP matters, including trade mark and design portfolio management, licensing, counterfeit and infringement work. Life sciences expert Martin Dræbye Gantzhorn arrived from Horten.

Legal 500, Intellectual property

IP Stars

Patent Editorial 2017
Bech-Bruun is one of the top-tier firms for patent litigation in this jurisdiction. "We regard the overall service level as second to none. Response times continue to impress and make us feel highly valued as customers," says one client. The firm operates from offices in Copenhagen and Aarhus. Its standout patent litigator is Klaus Ewald Madsen. He is supported by lawyers such as Arly Carlquist, Mikkel Friis Rossa and Christian Vinding Thomsen, who advises on regulatory matters in the life science sector. One client regards IP transactions specialist Rossa as "an upcoming star" and admires his "to-the-point advice, can-do attitude and impressive business understanding". The firm welcomed Martin Dræbye Gantzhorn as partner in its life sciences and healthcare practice. "Martin is very sharp, you notice when you're up against him," says a rival. Johnny Petersen is a notable associate.


Trade Mark & Copyright Editorial 2017
Market commentators say Bech-Bruun is one of the best Danish law firms to instruct for trade mark disputes. The firm's trade mark prosecution practice has steadily grown over recent years under the leadership of soft IP litigator Claus Barrett Christiansen. According to one client, Christiansen delivers "excellent on-time work … with a great understanding of the client's needs". An opponent says Christiansen is "pleasant and extremely knowledgeable". Niels Andersen, Mikkel Friis Rossa and the "very clever" Arly Carlquist are among the partners who advise on copyright and technology-related IP matters including transactions. Rossa "never overcomplicates or oversells", according to one client who adds: "He offers clear opinions without the usual and dreadfully tiring reservations and qualifications." The client continues: "As a bonus, Mikkel's impressive response time and welcoming nature makes you always feel as his number one client."


IP litigator and franchising specialist Dan Bjerg Geary, who recently joined the firm as partner, has already started impressing clients with his "theoretical knowledge" and "pragmatic commercially-minded" advice. Copyright specialist Peer Petersen left the firm to head up Bird & Bird's IP practice in Denmark. Louise Mühlbach Breining and Inge Kirstine Skou are the rising stars to watch.

WTR 1000

Assisting both start-ups and established companies, IP powerhouse Bech-Bruun goes the extra mile with its all-encompassing trademark protection. Uniquely positioned on the market, the firm has a desk in Shanghai, which is a boon to clients in Asia that require guidance on their Danish operations and vice-versa. Commander of the unit Claus Barrett Christiansen is “a solution-oriented professional with a fantastic business sense”. “He is a skilled adviser and always places himself in his clients’ shoes and adjusts his communication accordingly.” The hard-hitting litigator has myriad experience before European and domestic courts and deftly handles over 30,000 trademarks for an extensive list of high-flying clients, some of which include ECCO and Philip Morris..

WTR 1000, 2019


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