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Privacy is a compliance tool providing you with a one-stop platform to document and administer your processing of personal data. Get started with a bespoke Privacy solution in a few simple steps.

The General Data Protection Regulation may be complex to navigate and, not least, to comply with. This applies to large and small organisations since it may be demanding as well as difficult to form a general view of your overall processing activities across departments and work processes.

However, as a data controller, it is decisive that you are able to provide evidence of your general activities to the Danish Data Protection Agency at all times. Failing to do so may entail inadequate data security, payment of fines, damage to reputation and the loss of trust on the part of your customers, employees and business partners.

Privacy provides a one-stop platform for documenting and administering your processing of personal data.

Advantages of Privacy
Privacy is a simple and user-friendly compliance tool enabling you to:

  • Create and maintain processing activities
  • Access an overall list of personal data processing activities
  • Provide documentation of data shared with data processors and sub-data processors
  • Get an overview of transfers to unsecure third countries
  • Provide documentation of processing across several group companies within your organisation
  • Carry out risk assessments of your processing activities.

Assistance from our legal experts
Privacy may be used inside or outside legal departments, is easily accessible and may be adapted to accommodate the needs of your organisation. 

Using Privacy, you may create your own processing activities from scratch or use standard procedure templates developed by Bech-Bruun's legal experts. 

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