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Welcome to Bech-Bruun’s website for dawn raids (inspections) and searches.

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If your undertaking is being/has been visited by the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority (the “DCCA”), the European Commission or the Danish Public Prosecutor for Serious Economic and International Crime (the “SEIC”), please contact one of our lawyers specialised in competition law. See contact details below.

What happens?

  • The officials will typically arrive in the morning.
  • They usually turn up in groups of 6-8 officials and 1-2 police officers.
  • The officials will ask to speak with the management.
  • The officials will bring a court order describing the purpose of their visit.

What to do

  • Be polite and welcome the officials. Remain calm.
  • Ask them whether they represent a competition authority or the SEIC (the police).
  • Request the officials to identify themselves, write down their names or photocopy/scan their ID cards.
  • Ask the officials to await the arrival of your undertaking’s contact person(s) (preferably in a vacant conference room).
  • Notify the appointed contact person(s) immediately.
  • In consultation with the appointed contact person(s), contact one of Bech-Bruun's competition law specialists. See contact details below.
  • Do not answer any questions about the undertaking, and do not hand over any documents.
  • If possible, make sure that the officials do not leave the reception area/the conference room until the appointed contact person(s) can meet them.


Dawn raid - Bech-Bruun

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