We advise Danish and non-Danish clients on private matters, Danish individuals with special financial circumstances living abroad and non-Danish citizens living in Denmark as well as professional foundations. We value proactive advice preventing problems.

For most people, their private affairs hold human as well as financial interests requiring professional advice and assistance.

For private individuals with commercial activities or considerable assets, marriage contracts and wills are key instruments in safeguarding the most often very varied interests. Specialised advice is required in order to arrive at the right personal solutions.

If a family or assets are divided over several countries or you move out of or to Denmark, cross-border issues may arise, which may often be both surprising and complicated.

In the event of death, special needs for advice, support and practical assistance arise, both for the entire family and for the individual beneficiary. This not only relates to the administration of the estate, but also to safeguarding well-thought-out, tax-related, legal and commercial solutions for the individual person involved.

Private investments also entail commercial, legal and tax-related issues, which may require specialised advice on both industry aspects and multiple legal areas of expertise.

Our advisory services include:

  • Planning of asset and business structures 
  • Tax matters 
  • Securing of assets on divorce or death, for instance by way of wills and gifts
  • Cross-border asset and family matters, for instance in connection with moving in or out of Denmark 
  • Planning of investments in for instance real estate, shares, private equity, etc.


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