Our skills span all the legal challenges encountered by non-life and life insurance companies as well as pension funds and we are highly experienced advising both Danish and non-Danish insurance companies.

Corporate insurance
We assist on acquisition, sale and combination of insurance companies and on transfer of insurance portfolios. We are particularly experienced in cross-border transactions within the insurance industry. We have in-depth knowledge of the interaction between company law, union issues and regulatory requirements and have good business relations with the Danish FSA and the Danish Business Authority, ensuring smooth case processing.

Regulatory issues 
The insurance industry is subject to multiple sets of rules, including GPDR, IDD, money-laundering, good practice rules, requirements for notification of new executives and members of the board of directors (fit & proper), requirements for notification of changes to qualifying direct and indirect ownership shares, etc. We assist both insurance companies and insurance brokers with licences, registration and compliance.

Disputes and legal proceedings
We represent insurance companies both in insurance coverage disputes and in contribution and indemnity issues, and we manage the interests of the person insured in cases pertaining to liability on the instruction of insurance companies. We conduct a large number of legal proceedings before the district courts, high courts and the Supreme Court for both life and non-life insurance companies and relating to most types of insurance. Our dispute resolution group is among the largest in the country.

Pension funds 
We are highly experienced in the particular aspects applying the pension funds, including articles of association, advice to the board of directors and corporate governance.

Investment and asset management
We assist both in connection with investment in real estate and other assets, listed as well as unlisted, including special requirements for AIFMs.


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