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Bech-Bruun Renewable Energy is engaged in projects all over the world, providing advisory services through various forms.

  • Our affiliated headquarter in Denmark acts as our regional hub for Europe.
  • At our New York offices we work, among other things, on major renewable energy projects advising on both international and Danish law. We do not provide advice on American law but have established very good and close working relationships with local lawyers.
  • We regularly post our lawyers on international assignments, typically seconded either to our subsidiaries or to our clients’ offices and we often collaborate with other law firms across jurisdictional boundaries via referral or sub-contracting arrangements.

To see where our offices are located, please click on the map below.

Irrespective of where in the world your renewable energy project (offshore wind, P2X, biogas, solar etc) is, we stand ready to advise you. Contact us for more details.


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