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At the turn of the year, Bech-Bruun will introduce a range of new official objectives designed to ensure equal representation of women and men at the top of the company.

With a clear ambition of strengthening the company and preparing it for the future, Bech-Bruun will at the turn of the year be introducing two specific objectives relating directly to the balance in the representation of men and women, respectively, at the company.

In the period from 2021 up to and including 2025, it will accordingly be an officially adopted objective that at least one third of new partners at the company are women. In the following years from 2026 up to and including 2030, the declared objective will be that Bech-Bruun obtains equal representation of both genders among new partners.



Steen Rode, chief executive partner of Bech-Bruun, has for quite some time wanted to target equality at the top of the company. He believes that the solution is, among other things, to be found in the company’s talent development work.

“At Bech-Bruun we have a clear desire to ensure equal career opportunities for our talented employees of both genders. Consequently, we are launching a number of initiatives designed to strengthen our existing talent management, where targeted talent development is to contribute to ensuring equal opportunities for everyone. At the same time, we will, using multiple measures, work on developing the culture at Bech-Bruun together with our employees. We still have some way to go, but we have a clear ambition to move forward,” says Steen Rode about the intensified focus on equality at Bech-Bruun.

Bech-Bruun currently has seven female partners and 63 male partners. A division, which will change significantly during the next ten years with the introduction of the new diversity objectives.