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Virtual currencies, blockchain or other distributed ledger technologies (DLT) are currently being implemented in a number of markets and for many objects. The technology has matured and there is no doubt that virtual currency may be of great importance to the financial markets and regulatory aspects. In particular the infinite nature of the technology is interesting. In a new international publication, experts from a total of 30 countries focus on the regulatory development and the expected trends in virtual currency. Partner David Moalem and junior associate Kristoffer Probst Larsen contribute with perspectives on the Danish market.

Despite of the wide use, an applicable global standard for the regulation of virtual currency does not exist at the moment. Virtual currencies are inherently infinite: they exist in global and interconnected computer systems and are generally decentralised. In respect of regulation, this entails numerous challenges where it will in many areas not suffice to focus exclusively on one's own markets. 

In fact the infinite nature of the technology has been the key inspiration for the new publication from The Law Reviews, The Virtual Currency Regulations Review, in which experts from a total of 30 countries account for the local regulatory aspects and the development in virtual currency. The object of the publication is to provide a practical, business-oriented analysis of the most recent legislation and regulatory development in a number of markets as well as expected trends in virtual currency in the different countries.

In the publication, partner, David Moalem and junior associate, Kristoffer Probst Larsen contribute with their perspective on the Danish financial sector and the regulation of virtual currency.

Click here to read more about the publication, The Virtual Currency Regulations Review, edited and published by Law Business Research Ltd.