Taking advantage of Bech-Bruun's presence at the IBA conference in Sydney, we carried out a survey among our friends and business partners on their use of artificial intelligence. The survey showed that artificial intelligence technology has already been implemented by several law firms around the world, and that it is considered significant to the future practice of law.

Artificial intelligence is on everybody's lips at the moment, and an increasing number of law firms are using this technology. A new Bech-Bruun survey confirms this trend. A total of 52 respondents, representing law firms from 17 countries, show that 50% of law firms with fewer than 50 employees use artificial intelligence in their work. 

AI is already here
AI is on everybody’s lips, and the question is no longer whether AI will play a role in the legal industry – it is rather a question of when and how. According to our survey among 52 respondents representing law firms from 17 different countries, every third is already applying AI technology to service clients.



Global firms are expected to be front-runners
Currently, many firms work hard to crack the code on how to apply AI technology to their services. 56% of the respondents believe that global law firms will be the first to succeed in that area. However, our data also shows that every other respondent from firms with fewer than 50 employees is already using AI to service clients.


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Artificial intelligence at Bech-Bruun
At Bech-Bruun we have embraced the development of AI. As the first Danish law firm, Bech-Bruun has adopted the award-winning artificial intelligence technology, Luminance. This technology was first implemented within the M&A practice area to enhance our due diligence processes for M&A transactions. 

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