With DPO Support, our team of Denmark's leading data protection specialists assists your own DPO in maintaining high compliance levels without too much strain on in-house resources. This results in reliable budgets, improved conditions for complying with the requirements laid down by the Danish Data Protection Agency, a stronger DPO function and fewer risks associated with the handling of personal data.

Continuous updating of GDPR documentation, risk assessments and impact analyses, supplier requirements, third-country transfers, duty of disclosure, requests made by data subjects, internal audits and all the issues arising within the organisation during day-to-day operations… Today's DPO must be capable of handling an increasing number of tasks from an ever-growing demand for data protection to the many challenges facing day-to-day operations. This often implies a strain on resources measured in time and skills, which may be difficult to match.

If the DPO is not given the right setting for carrying out his or her tasks, there is a risk that the protection of personal data as well as the problems are transferred to other parts of the organisation. The results can be security breaches, actions for damages, fines, and mistrust from citizens/customers, employees and business partners.

All of this will be prevented when using DPO Support with our experienced specialists support your own DPO, when help is needed. The DPO Support solution is tailored to your specific needs, providing you with, for example, mandatory education and training, GDPR documentation, legal hotline, audits as well as contact to the Danish Data Protection Agency and citizens.

Behind DPO Support you find Denmark’s largest and leading data protection team, which has years of experience in establishing and maintaining a viable level of compliance – including performing as external DPO for many of the country’s municipalities, public institutions and private enterprises.

You determine how much support you need, and we construct the solution so that its content suits you. Naturally, the solution is scalable, should your needs change over time.

The process is simple: