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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) stipulates that all public authorities and certain enterprises must appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO). By outsourcing the work to us, you will get Denmark’s strongest external DPO team of experienced data protection specialists.

Finding the right person for a DPO job meeting all requirements of expert knowledge of and practical experience in data protection is not an easy task. Our DPO service handles the DPO functions stipulated in the GDPR.

By outsourcing the DPO function to us, you will purchase an external DPO service at a fixed monthly price, including the performance of all DPO tasks and continuous DPO training required by the GDPR, and you will also save money as compared to hiring an in-house DPO. In addition, outsourcing provides for higher flexibility, for example in the event of continuous upscaling and downscaling of the work according to your needs, and you will not be vulnerable in case of illness, holiday, etc.

Bech-Bruun in charge of DPO work
The DPO performs several functions:

  • Advises on the processing of personal data in practice
  • Makes recommendations as to when “enough is enough” in relation to GDPR compliance
  • Handles all contact to the Danish Data Protection Agency
  • Contributes to building awareness throughout the organisation
  • Provides information on a continuous basis on new national and international practice of importance to you
  • Conducts GDPR audits and continuous supervision
  • Participates in meetings with the management of the organisation.

The GDPR furthermore stipulates that the DPO must have expert knowledge of and practical experience in data protection law and practice. Our DPO team has in-depth experience, handling the DPO work in more than 30 organisations.

By outsourcing the DPO function to us, we will be in charge of the work. Our team of experienced data protection specialists will, among other things, be in charge of:

Supplementary services
We also offer several other value-adding services, such as our DPO platform, training, legal hotline and DPA Service (audit of data processors).