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With state-of-the-art technology in the area of artificial intelligence, we can help you to automatically sort, group and classify large quantities of legal documents. The technology facilitates a quicker and more efficient high-level review of documents.

Large data quantities and tight deadlines. Assistance on the legwork may be required when large legal projects are launched. In a very efficient manner, AI-powered document review may help sort and categorise large quantities of data.

This is how it works
AI-powered document review facilitates a quicker and more efficient high-level review of legal documents and may e.g. identify significant differences between contracts in a due diligence process, ensuring that key provisions are highlighted as quickly as possible.

Process description 

The process involved in using AI-powered document review is simple: The relevant documents are identified, the system analyses them and identifies the requested terms and provisions, following which they are ready for review.

The key feature in the new technology is the ability to manage the project while at the same time reviewing the uploaded documents. This is a combination of technology and manual work.

- Torsten Torpe, Head of Legal Tech Innovation.

AI-powered document review understands documents across languages, file types and practice areas and helps with the practical review and categorisation enabling quicker identification of key issues, whereby employees are able to spend more time on quality assurance and analysis of legal issues.

Areas where artificial intelligence may be used:

M&A transactions
Get one platform for the entire due diligence process including reporting and drafting of due diligence report. Find clauses across documents and get help for project management and reporting.

Legal proceedings
Combine your search words with artificial intelligence and get an overview in a matter of seconds. Optimise your search and find out which groups of documents you are to look at to find the needle in the haystack.

Group reorganisation
Quickly locate the contracts to be renegotiated and the ones which may be transferred without negotiations.

Real estate
Extract data and make comparisons across leases. Get an overview of deadlines and differences between the contracts.

The advantages of AI-powered document review

  • Creates a quick and comprehensive overview of the data quantity right from the beginning
  • Saves time on the review of large quantities of data
  • Optimises the use of resources throughout the process
  • Provides an overview of the process, enabling ongoing correction of faults and adjustment of scope.


How to get started using AI-powered document review

We qualify and structure each individual task for free, and the price subsequently depends on the quantity of data.

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