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Richard Sand

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Richard Sand is an expert of foundation and company law

For more than 30 years Richard Sand has specialised in foundation and company law, and his advisory services include planning of group structures and mergers as well as the planning and structuring of successions and business transfers. 

Richard is not merely a popular lawyer but also a well-known and respected businessman, who in his many years as chairman of the boards of Hempel A/S, Hempel Fonden, Aller A/S, etc., has gained unique insight into applying the law into a strategic, commercial perspective. 

Richard has a long professional career as chairman and member of boards in large listed as well as unlisted Danish companies and foundations.

As a business-oriented lawyer, Richard primarily represents large Danish and international enterprises and foundations, where he is known for his highly professional full-service advisory services and his ability to attribute to the optimisation of the client's business. 


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"I am driven by business. My philosophy is to assist the client in creating the highest possible profitable growth on a commercially sustainable basis."
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  • Board of directors (chairman), Aller A/S
  • Board of directors (chairman), Hempel Holding A/S
  • Board of directors (chairman), Pressalit Holding A/S
  • Board of directors (chairman), E. Callsen & Co. A/S
  • Board of directors (chairman), Kivan Food A/S
  • Board of directors (chairman), Hempel A/S
  • Board of directors (chairman), Hempel Foundation
  • Board of directors (chairman), Børge Hinsch Foundation
  • Board of directors (chairman), Uffe Skjald Christensen Foundation
  • Board of directors (chairman), Erik Fjeldsøe Foundation
  • Board of directors (chairman), Tove and Børge Friis-Thorsens' Family Foundation
  • Board of directors (chairman), Vennerslund Family Foundation
  • Board of directors (chairman), Fonden til Sikring af Vennerslund Gods
  • Board of directors (chairman), Rosenfeldt Family Foundation
  • Vice chairman, Woodmancott Foundation
  • Vice chairman, Høvdingsgaard Foundation
  • Vice chairman, Skjørringe Foundation
  • Vice chairman, Mullerupgaard- og Gl. Estrup Foundation
  • Vice chairman, Borreby Foundation
  • Board member, Aller Foundation
  • Board member, Aller Media A/S
  • Board member, Aller Tryk A/S
  • Board member, Climate Planet Foundation
  • Board member, Esplanadens Ejendomsselskab P/S

Education and language

  • Right of audience, The Danish Supreme Court
  • Admission to practice law
  • Master of Laws
  • English