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Lars Lindencrone Petersen

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Lars Lindencrone Petersen specialises in compliance and insolvency law

As a former High Court Judge and one of the leading theorists in the area of insolvency, Lars Lindencrone Petersen has established himself as an expert in the area. 

Lars is responsible for Bech-Bruun's in-house compliance and knowledge management. With his extensive background and his work with collecting, structuring and communicating legal information in all Bech-Bruun's business areas, Lars helps ensuring that Bech-Bruun's clients always receive holistic advice based on all available information.  

Based on his years in the court system, Lars also advises on dispute resolution and resolves issues related to restructuring. Lars's approach to the work is characterised by curiosity and high work ethics. 

Lars has performed as chairman of a number of legislative preparatory committees and vice-chairman of the Danish Complaint Board of Banking Services. He chaired the Commission of Inquiry regarding tax deduction and was part of the legal inquiry about reimbursement of dividend tax. 

Lars lectures at the University of Copenhagen and at courses arranged by, for instance, the Danish Bar and Law Society, the Association of Danish Law Firms, and Bech-Bruun Academy. Moreover, he is an examiner at the University of Aalborg and at the University of Southern Denmark and the author of a number of books on corporate and procedural law issues. Lars is a member of The Disciplinary Board ("Advokatnævnet").

The Team

Economic Crime & Anti Corruption

  • Economic Crime & Anti Corruption
  • Restructuring & Insolvency
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Compliance
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  • Adjunct Professor, Aarhus University
  • Member, The Disciplinary Board ("Advokatnævnet")


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Education and language

  • Admission to practice law
  • Master of Laws
  • French
  • German
  • English