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Kristian Raun Larsen

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Kristian Raun Larsen specialises in energy and bio-gas

For more than 10 years, Kristian Raun Larsen has specialised in municipal and regulatory issues involving the utility sector, including advise on municipalities' involvement in business activities, public law regulation, issues relating to articles of association and company matters, as well as the conclusion of contracts.  

He advises municipal and privately-owned bio-gas production plants on the legal aspects of establishing and operating such plants, including everything from procurement and receipt of biomass to the sale of bio-gas for heat production and upgrading to the natural gas distribution grid as well as subsidy and certification schemes. Further, Kristian renders advice on the acquisition and sale of energy companies and wind turbines as well as project approval in connection with heating planning.

Kristian has vast experience in the organisation and reorganisation of energy and utility companies. He has been involved in several projects in connection with the conversion of municipal water and sewage utilities into companies and the establishment of proper municipal multi-utility groups. Kristian represents all types of clients of the power and heat supply industry, such as manufacturers of heating, heat distribution and transmission companies as well as other utilities, both private and municipal.

Finally, Kristian makes presentations and gives lectures externally and in Bech-Bruun Academy on the municipal and private energy and utility sectors.


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  • Master of Laws
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