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David Moalem

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David Moalem specialises in capital markets and financial enterprises

With a profound business understanding and in-depth knowledge of the business models as well as the regulation of capital markets and financial enterprises, David Moalem is one of Denmark's leading advisers of listed and financial enterprises, markets as well as other capital market operators. 

David is an expert on capital markets, financial enterprises, collective investment schemes and managers, measures preventing money laundering and financing of terrorism, payment services, compliance and FinTech. 

David is also highly experienced in special procedural law and criminal law, having represented numerous listed and financial enterprises in cases of general public importance before the Danish FSA, the Danish Company Appeals Board, The Danish Public Prosecutor for Serious Economic and International Crime as well as the Danish courts.


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Capital Markets

  • Capital Markets
  • Regulatory Issues
  • Compliance
  • Foundations
  • Economic Crime & Anti Corruption
  • New Technology
  • Whistleblowing schemes
  • FinTech
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"I have a strong interest in my clients and do my best to get to know them."
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  • Member, The Danish government's EU Financial Regulation Committee
  • Member, The Danish FSA's EBA Forum
  • Member, The Danish FSA's EU Forum
  • Member, The General Council of the Danish Bar and Law Society's expert panel for company and capital markets law
  • Member, The Private Banking Committee of the Danish Society of Financial Analysts
  • Member, GXG Markets Disciplinary Committee (EU Regulated Market and MTF licensed in Denmark)
  • Responsible for the Official Certification Programme of the Danish Securities Dealers Association


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Education and language

  • Admission to practice law
  • PhD
  • Master of Laws
  • English
  • Hebrew


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The capital markets group at Bech-Bruun is adept at handling equity transactions and complex regulatory issues. The regulatory practice combines traditional stock exchange regulation, corporate governance and market abuse expertise with bond and derivatives knowledge. It is also active in public-to-private transactions and has experience in IPOs, buy-backs, prospectuses and delistings. Names to note include compliance specialist David Moalem.

David Moalem has been listed as Hall of Fame by Legal 500.

Legal 500, Capital Markets

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'David Moalem is professional, dedicated and trustworthy and his insights is second to none. His friendly, calm and no-nonsense approach makes him likeable to everyone – both clients and counterparties.'

Legal 500, Capital Markets

David Moalem has notable experience in debt capital markets transactions and is particularly recognised for his knowledge of regulatory issues. "He provides sound and easy-to-understand advice within a very difficult area," says a satisfied client.

Chambers and Partners Europe, Capital Markets

David Moalem provides regulatory advice on capital markets-related matters. He assisted Lundbeck with the implementation of a new capital markets compliance set-up in light of the new EU Market Abuse Regulation. Clients say: "He gives very practical advice which we can easily implement and he provides very good service."

Chambers and Partners Global, Capital Markets