The latest image survey from MyResearch shows that Bech-Bruun continues to have the strongest brand in the legal practice industry.

The research company MyResearch has just released its annual image survey 'MyImage Advokat', which covers the 12 largest law firms in Denmark. This year, Bech-Bruun again takes first place in the so-called Brand Power Index of the image survey and thus tops the list of the strongest brands in the Danish legal sector for the second year in a row.

The background for this excellent recognition is a comprehensive study based on a number of image and awareness parameters, in which Bech-Bruun is in the lead overall. In this year's image survey, Bech-Bruun's lawyers are recognised in particular for good business understanding and accessibility.

"As a law firm, it is crucial that we succeed in balancing our legal skills with commercial understanding in a modern advisory role that ensures the best possible value for our clients. That is why I am particularly pleased to see that these are the important advisory qualities for which we are recognised in the image survey. This is a great compliment to our partners and employees," says Christian Ejvin Andersen, CEO of Bech-Bruun.

The image analysis was carried out among a broad sample of decision-makers in companies in the country and is based on responses from a total of 604 respondents.


Bech-Bruun has the strongest brand in the legal practice industry