Litigation boutique firm Lundsgaard & Partnere, one of Denmark’s most prominent lawyers in litigation, will become part of Bech-Bruun from the beginning of the new year.

After the New Year, Lundsgaard & Partnere will become part of Bech-Bruun. In addition to partners Søren Lundsgaard and Arianne Svardal-Stelmer, 14 employees will be working at Langelinie Allé. This will expand Bech-Bruun's dispute resolution department, which already includes partners Anne Buhl Bjelke, Camilla Søgaard HudsonClaus Berg, Johannes Grove Nielsen and their highly specialized teams. 

"Litigation is, if anything, the lawyer's domain and a key area for us as a law firm. Lundsgaard & Partners has been the natural choice for a number of years for the largest and most complex litigation cases in Denmark, and we are therefore proud to welcome the team to Bech-Bruun. By merging Lundsgaard & Partners with Bech-Bruun, we will have a market-leading and unique offering to our clients in litigation," says Steen Rode, Chief executive partner at Bech-Bruun.

Lundsgaard & Partners specialize in litigation and are particularly known for conducting some of the most complex and leading cases in Denmark.

"I am proud of all that we at Lundsgaard & Partners have accomplished over the last decade and the very special profile we have built in the market. We are privileged to have a portfolio of cases that, in size and complexity, makes it a natural next step to complement and strengthen resources and competences for the benefit of our clients. That is why I am delighted that together with Bech-Bruun we will continue to operate and develop one of the strongest litigation offerings in the industry. We know each other well, the timing is just right, and I am very much looking forward to the collaboration," says Søren Lundsgaard, who founded Lundsgaard & Partners in 2011.

Together with Søren Lundsgaard, Arianne Svardal-Stelmer will also become a new partner at Bech-Bruun at the turn of the year. Arianne has been part of Lundsgaard & Partnere since the firm's beginning in 2011.

"I have worked closely with several Bech-Bruun lawyers over the years and am delighted that we now have the opportunity to create a really strong joint team. Bech-Bruun is a modern law firm that I look forward to joining and developing further together in the years to come," says Arianne Svardal-Stelmer, who specializes in commercial litigation, professional liability of advisors and professional liability in general.

Bech-Bruun and Lundsgaard & Partners have both crossed swords and worked closely together on several high-profile cases over the years. A notable example is the Eik Bank cases, an offshoot of the financial crisis, in which Lundsgaard & Partnere and Bech-Bruun each acted for a client against Finansiel Stabilitet in one of the largest trials in Danish history.

"For many years, Lundsgaard & Partnere has been recognized as one of the best litigators in the country. I had the pleasure of following Søren and Arianne closely for 10 years in the Eik Bank cases, and I have great respect for their strategic overview and skills as litigators. I am very much looking forward to the collaboration and what we can achieve together for our clients," says Anne Buhl Bjelke, partner in Bech-Bruun's dispute resolution department and chair of the board of Bech-Bruun.

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