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Three of the legal industry’s most experienced IP and Life Sciences advisers will join forces when IP specialist Jeppe Brinck-Jensen is admitted as a new partner at Bech-Bruun on 1 June.

With billions invested in research and a substantial share of Denmark’s total annual exports, the Danish life sciences industry harbours huge potential in the years to come.

At Bech-Bruun, IP advice and life sciences are strategically important business areas. Our specialists advise industry players in a highly regulated market and provide legal assistance in a wide range of contexts.

This position is now further emphasised with Jeppe Brinck-Jensen’s admission as new partner of Bech-Bruun. Jeppe Brinck-Jensen will be working closely together with Bech-Bruun’s leading profiles, Klaus Ewald Madsen and Martin Dræbye Gantzhorn. Bech-Bruun’s IP and Life Sciences specialists now count more than ten lawyers.

“At Bech-Bruun we are recognised for providing the best advice regarding the industry’s key activities. This includes market access, research & development, IP and the transaction area, which are all areas with immense regulation and high complexity. With Jeppe onboard, we are now affirming this market position,” say Jeppe’s new partner colleagues Klaus Ewald Madsen and Martin Dræbye Gantzhorn.

Jeppe will contribute with his considerable experience advising research-heavy companies, including the innovative pharmaceutical industry and biotech.

Jeppe in particularly strengthens Bech-Bruun’s advisory skills in patent law and trade secrets, and he has considerable experience in the areas of licence agreements, technology transfer agreements as well as research and development agreements.

“Jeppe is among the very best in his field in Denmark. And we are very much looking forward to welcoming him as partner of Bech-Bruun,” says Steen Rode, Chief executive partner.

With Jeppe Brinck-Jensen, Klaus Ewald Madsen and Martin Dræbye Gantzhorn in the lead, Bech-Bruun is affirming its lead position in the areas of IP and Life Sciences.

“Together, we will be assuming a unique position in the market, and I am looking forward to joining the group of Bech-Bruun partners,” says Jeppe Brinck-Jensen, who will join Bech-Bruun on 1 June.


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