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The business concept of making a difference and creating sustainable welfare benefits came about when Ditte Marie Fog and Julia Sand studied at the Design School in Kolding, Denmark. In 2018, the two founders established the startup Pinkorange and have now developed a sustainable toilet, the vision being to achieve improved and healthier toilet habits for children and adults alike.

In various societies, toilet habits are taboo, and many people do not feel comfortable talking about the issue in the open, which implies that many people around the world suffer from illnesses and stomach issues due to bad toilet habits. In Denmark alone, up to 50,000 children are referred to hospitals annually as a result of severe stomach aches and digestive problems. With these problems in mind, Ditte Marie Fog and Julia Sand set up their startup Pinkorange in 2018 and embarked on the project of improving the toilet habits of children as well as adults.

The sustainable toilet, "Level", which is the key product of the business's vision and focus on welfare solutions, was designed by Pinkorange from scratch. The traditional toilet as we know it basically has not changed since it was invented 246 years ago. The Level toilet breaks away from tradition, the design being different from the classic toilet design and taking the physical needs into account. The toilet is ergonomically and anatomically designed to ensure a more accurate and sound body posture, which is to reduce the risk of constipation and other general digestion issues. Today, the toilet is Pinkorange's primary product, but the start-uppers have also published a children's book "Leo og lorten" (roughly "Leo on the loo") which, through learning and communication, is to serve as a taboo breaker to achieve healthier toilet habits for children.

Sustainable welfare solutions
The two founders, Ditte and Julia, are not only interested in creating ergonomic solutions. Sustainability is also important to the way in which Pinkorange develops and creates welfare solutions. Pinkorange currently incorporates several of the UN Global Goals for sustainable development, including in particular goals within health and prosperity, education as well as responsible consumption and production.

"Sustainability is deeply rooted in our business and our products. We would like to introduce and work with projects that will contribute to making a difference in the world", says Julia Sand.

Dialogue on important research project
Pinkorange is just now paving the way for creating improved and healthier toilet habits. The startup is conducting a dialogue with the Capital Region of Denmark on a research project focusing on the issue of reducing illnesses and digestive problems. 

If the partnership with the Capital Region of Denmark becomes a reality, Ditte Marie Fog and Julia Sand have high expectations of the project. They believe that the project will contribute to creating broad appreciation in society of the specific issues arising as a consequence of bad toilet habits, and of how Pinkorange's Level toilet may be a step on the way when it comes to reducing the risk of illnesses, stomach aches and digestive problems.


BB Impact - creator of safety and security
Focusing on sustainability and the work with the UN Global Goals, Pinkorange was an obvious business partner for Bech-Bruun's collaboration programme, BB Impact.

"We feel extremely safe and secure being a part of BB Impact. We are taken very good care of, and it is great to be able to get help in negotiation situations as well as the legal advice that we need", says Ditte Marie Fog.

According to the two founders, it has been particularly important for Pinkorange to receive assistance in distributing products to business partners and distributors, including the drafting of contracts and licence agreements, etc., as well as design protection. Pinkorange also emphasises the many commercial benefits derived from the collaboration programme:

"Bech-Bruun enables us to reach out to important customers and new business partners, etc. It has great significance that Bech-Bruun is ready to assist us in expanding the business into a large network", Ditte Marie Fog and Julia Sand explain.

If your startup wishes to apply for a BB Impact collaboration with Bech-Bruun, we should like to hear from you. You may read more about the programme and submit your application here.

What is BB Impact?
BB Impact is a collaboration programme invented by Bech-Bruun, the purpose of which is to support the 17 UN Global Goals by way of focused collaboration with innovative startups, working for a sustainable future. A BB Impact partnership includes, for example, 50 hours of legal advice and subsequent consultancy services at a reduced price.

Read more about BB Impact here and do not hesitate to contact Thomas Gjøl-Trønning, responsible partner, if you wish to learn more about the programme.