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COVID-19 challenged face-to-face advisory services on international projects in 2020. Nevertheless, Bech-Bruun succeeded in generating increased growth and consolidated its position as a strong player in the global wind energy sector.

For a department primarily engaged in projects outside Denmark, 2020 was, needless to say, a huge challenge. But at Bech-Bruun, we did not let that put a stop to the ambitious growth plans of the Renewable Energy department. “We had to suspend most of our travel activity, but nonetheless we made good progress in 2020 in a number of areas and increased growth in terms of both employees and revenue,” says partner Peter Østergaard Nielsen.

New technologies and markets
Even though it was virtually impossible to visit clients in countries such as the USA, Australia, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam and Korea, the existing projects continued unabated, and the relationship with our clients developed in spite of the physical distance:

“During crises, people tend to turn to what they know and what makes them feel safe. Our existing clients used us more in 2020 than ever before, and relationships of trust grew even stronger,” says partner Anders Hørlyck Jensen.

We also forged new client relationships in 2020 and entered new markets: “We noticed how we could make ourselves relevant on the projects in areas other than those purely related to contracts, for example in relation to transactions. At the same time, we’ve gradually gained a foothold in green technologies other than wind and solar energy, and we aim to get involved in more projects on new technologies in the years ahead,” says Peter.

Putting the cart before the horse
In late 2020 and as part of our efforts to strengthen the foundation for additional growth in the coming years, Bech-Bruun’s owners entered into a strategic partnership with consultancy firm JUMBO, which provides procurement and contract management services for international offshore wind energy projects.

“Our objective is to be a leading player in Denmark within renewable energy and a leading global player in offshore wind energy. We therefore focus on being able to offer the services needed by the industry rather than concentrating on individual legal competencies,” says Anders.

Bech-Bruun has a strong market position already: “One could say that it speaks for itself that businesses have started knocking on our door to become our clients,” says Jakob Østervang, partner and head of department.

“Traditionally in our industry you have to canvas clients and present a pitch to get the big projects, and we still do that too, but we’re increasingly being approached directly by clients choosing us without any outside competition.”

Recruiting the best talents
In step with Bech-Bruun’s very visible position within renewable energy, we saw an increase in the number of job applications in 2020 from both highly specialised candidates and young law graduates with a passion for working with green energy.

“It’s well known in the industry that Bech-Bruun has built an independent department and gathered a wealth of knowledge and experience in major international projects,” says Jakob.

“This makes us attractive as an employer and enables us to recruit the very best candidates for the jobs, which is very much a contributing factor to our success.”

At the moment, close to 30 employees at Bech-Bruun are primarily engaged in providing advisory services within green energy.