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A sustainable vision and a thorough business model are not always sufficient for a newly founded enterprise to be successful. If the legal foundation is not in place, it may keep the enterprise from developing at the rate for which it has potential. Consequently, more startups apply for free legal advice from Bech-Bruun.

Many startups find it hard to navigate through legislation and provisions, trying to understand everything from labour law, tax, contracts and intellectual property rights to company law. When establishing a new enterprise, the legal aspect may seem time consuming, difficult and challenging. As a result, it is often not prioritised.

In recent years, the challenge of the legal aspects has made more startups apply for admission to Bech-Bruun's BB Impact programme. Newly established enterprises working to accommodate one or more of the UN Global Goals may qualify to be part of Bech-Bruun's collaboration programme, BB Impact. Every year we select a number of enterprises, who will receive 50 hours of free advisory services, available to them on an ongoing basis in order to ensure a solid legal foundation.

"Every day at Bech-Bruun, we work to reduce our own climate footprint, and it is our ambition to help underpin a global sustainable development. This is one of the things that BB Impact opens up for", says Thomas Gjøl-Trønning, partner and in charge of BB-Impact at Bech-Bruun, and he continues:

"With high expertise and feedback in the areas of commercial law, we help the individual startup take off faster and reach the goals they were meant to reach."

Three years of sustainable collaboration
Since the establishment of our collaboration programme in 2018, many of Denmark's competent and ambitious startups have been selected to receive free advisory services.

Most recently, at end-2020, we selected four new startups among the applicants: The enterprises Teal Medical, Reel, SoilSense and Pinkorange. Each is working for one or more of the 17 UN Global Goals, involving anything from an intelligent search engine to the hospital service facilitating researchers' extraction of images to an agricultural sensor optimising the globe's use of limited water resources.

"BB Impact allows us to work with some of the country's brilliant entrepreneurial minds, fighting for a better world. It is inspiring to hear the ideas behind the innovative solutions and the generally inventive mindsets, which we as advisers can learn from", says Thomas Gjøl-Trønning, who is further of the conviction that this strengthens the individual Bech-Bruun adviser:

"Besides sharing our knowledge and experience from our own areas of expertise, we also gain new knowledge through the collaboration – as people and as advisers. Besides an insight into the many unique startup environments, we get the chance to experience first-hand that there is an almost infinite potential for improvement when it comes to taking better care of our climate. That is worth taking with you, in your work as well as outside."

Link to 2021 application form here.