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Both public organisations and private enterprises will in future be affected by the upcoming legislation on whistleblowing schemes, which will take effect next fall, when Denmark is scheduled to have implemented the rules adopted by the EU. How will this affect your place of work, and how will you handle this challenge? Get the answers here.

In the months to come, multiple public authorities and organisations and private enterprises with more than 50 employees must set up whistleblowing schemes making it possible for employees, business partners and other stakeholders to report suspicions of irregularities. This is due to a new EU Directive which enters into force in the fall of 2021. For government agencies, the deadline is even shorter. Already in July, the Danish Ministry of Justice announced that all government agencies employing more than 50 people must have the schemes in place as early as November of this year.

Digital whistleblowing scheme
This makes new demands on the country's large workplaces, both in the state and not least in the private enterprises. Accordingly, it is highly important that you act in time to comply with the new rules.

Consequently, Bech-Bruun is now introducing Safe2Whistle – a 100% digital whistleblowing scheme, which lives up to all statutory requirements, boasts low establishment and operating costs and a focus on maximum security for potential whistleblowers.  At the same time, Safe2Whistle's digital platform ensures a complete overview of any reports made and the status on the processing of them for the people handling the reports.

Safe2Whistle is a full-service feature, right from establishment to the daily operation and quick processing of reports from whistleblowers and not least legal advice provided by our experts in the area.

Click here to read more about our whistleblowing scheme and our legal advice. You are naturally also welcome to contact us if you want to hear more about Safe2Whistle.