Photo of Christian Ejvin Andersen Christian Ejvin Andersen Managing director +45 72273434

Thursday 24 September saw the merger of the companies Pactius and .legal. Both companies work with legaltech and they are both fully owned by JUT NR. 2099, which is a company owned by the owners of Bech-Bruun.

Last year, JUT NR. 2099 took over the last 50% of Pactius, which paved the way for a merger with .legal, which was established by JUT NR. 2099 in 2019 at the same time as the assets in d60 were acquired.

The new merged company will continue under the name .legal and will now bring together the skills of the two former companies with a view to developing the best legaltech products and providing the best service possible to the customers.

“With the merger of Pactius and .legal we have now brought together the perfect skills for both the development of new legaltech products and development of existing products, which take place in a strategic cooperation with the lawyers at Bech-Bruun and also for the very important service and support functions that come with these products,” says chairman of the board of directors in .legal Christian Ejvin Andersen.

Brian Østberg will continue as managing director of .legal A/S, whereas the former managing director of Pactius A/S Peter M. Bundgaard will be product director of .legal.