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Since 2001, Langelinie Allé has been the home of Bech-Bruun in Copenhagen but now, new horizons are waiting. In 2023, Bech-Bruun’s Copenhagen offices will be moving to a brand new domicile in a completely new part of town: Nordø.

After two decades at Langelinie Allé, Bech-Bruun’s lawyers will in 2023 take over a brand new domicile. In future, Bech-Bruun’s address will be in the completely new part of the city called Nordø - on the edge of the water in Nordhavn.

“For most of us, Langelinie Allé 35 has over the years become synonymous with Bech-Bruun. But we have also been aware for quite some time that our current office premises were no longer meeting our requirements as a modern law firm. We have therefore been looking into the possibility of a conversion at our current location and have searched the market for new potential locations. Now we have managed to find something close to home: Nordø”, says Martin Riber Povlsen of Bech-Bruun

Bech-Bruun’s hundreds of employees are expected to be able to move to the new domicile at Nordø in the middle of 2023. 

A modern 13-floor building
Pension company PFA is behind the establishment of the new area of the city at Nordø and the construction of Bech-Bruun’s future domicile.

”We are incredibly proud and happy that Bech-Bruun has selected Nordø as their new domicile. With its unique architecture, the property will become a landmark in the Århusgade neighbourhood and at the same time, the building will with its DGNB gold certificate for sustainability be a very good fit in PFA’s total Danish property portfolio”, says Mikael Fogemann, Executive Director, Nordic Real Estate at PFA.

And expectations are high for the new domicile:

“The vision is very clear: Our new offices must be able to develop along with us, adjust to our changing needs and always be inviting for our clients. And our future offices will take centre stage occupying the eighth to thirteenth floors of the building located on the first line of the sea with an impressive panoramic view. This will be a modern and attractive place of work for us all and it will be a pleasure for us to invite our clients inside”, says Martin Riber Povlsen.

The future domicile will also boast a Skylounge on the thirteenth floor, a green conservatory on the ground floor and a completely modern, sustainable and innovative approach to the lay-out of every inch. 

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