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Advisory services for large international players within offshore wind farms have been at the top of Bech-Bruun's agenda for a long time. To further strengthen the market position, as from 1 October 2020 a company owned by the partners has decided to invest in JUM-BO Consulting Group, specialising in procurement and contract management services in the area of international offshore wind farm projects.

At present, JUM-BO Consulting Group has offices in Copenhagen, Hamburg, Taipei and Seoul and has a unique package to offer to the offshore wind farm sector in particular. The investment in JUM-BO Consulting Group is made by a company owned by Bech-Bruun's partners, and one of the aims of the investment is to accelerate JUMBO's continued growth on the international scene.

Coherence and mutual understanding between the law, technology and business are often decisive factors in international offshore wind farm projects where the stakes are high. Going forward, Bech-Bruun Renewable Energy and JUMBO will thus work together as partners, offering full service consultancy for the largest players on the market.

"In the offshore wind sector, a myriad of factors must interact for a project to reach a steady conclusion. Together with JUM-BO we can now provide a "powerhouse" set-up where our various skills interact perfectly, greatly benefiting our current and future clients", says Peter Østergaard Nielsen, partner, Bech-Bruun Renewable Energy.

International growth and stronger collaboration
JUM-BO Consulting Group is also looking forward to the collaboration:

"It is deeply rooted in our strategy to provide advisory services that connect the legal, commercial and technological aspects to the best possible extent. Our collaboration with Bech-Bruun allows us to capitalise from our joint experiences, to create synergy, solutions and products that benefit our customers. We are delighted to have found a partner that we trust greatly and who shares our values and visions for the future development of JUM-BO", says Ulrik Bang-Olsen, CEO of JUM-BO Consulting Group.

It is the company JUT nr. 2099, owned by Bech-Bruun's partners, that invests in JUM-BO Consulting Group. JUM-BO's operation and daily management continues unchanged. Ulrik Bang-Olsen thus continues as CEO, while Morten Søjborg, partner, is responsible for the development of the business in Asia-Pacific.

For further information, please contact:
Peter Østergaard Nielsen
, partner, Bech-Bruun Renewable Energy – tel. +45 2526 3663