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As the first Danish law firm, Bech-Bruun enters partnership with Nordic Legal Tech Hub. The partnership will, among other things, help strengthen Bech-Bruun's interaction with interesting legal tech players and provide an improved insight into the market's potential.

Nordic Legal Tech Hub is a completely new hub connecting players from the Nordic legal industry with developers of legal tech solutions. Its objectives include creating a shared platform that provides its users with new knowledge of innovative technology and digitisation of legal services as well as creating an overview, a dialogue and new cooperation interfaces that may offer new ways of thinking and perhaps challenge the market. 

Bech-Bruun is already good at keeping up with the latest technological trends and being abreast of market trends. The new partnership with Nordic Legal Tech Hub will help strengthen Bech-Bruun's focus even more. The legal tech partnership will render Bech-Bruun direct access to interesting legal tech players as well as increased knowledge and possibilities of identifying innovative measures on the market. 

"When we first heard about this initiative back in December at a Legal Tech seminar arranged by University of Copenhagen's Faculty of Law, we thought it was perfect for our new strategy and establishment of a Legal Tech Innovation department," says Martin Riber Povlsen, CFO of Bech-Bruun, who continues, "We are extremely pleased with being among the first to support legal tech trends in the Nordic region." 

Nordic Legal Tech Hub was launched at the end of 2018 and it is the first of its kind in the Nordic region. The network looks forward to working with Bech-Bruun:

"Bech-Bruun has already proved its innovative approach and preference for breaking fresh grounds, such as the introduction of its new partnership model, which is why we appreciate their prompt interest in entering a partnership with us," says Nordic Legal Tech Hub CEO, Nicholas Hawtin. "Our business partners, including the lawyers, play a key role in creating the value of an organisation like ours and giving us insights into the needs of the legal industry."