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Bech-Bruun is taking over the Danish software enterprise d60 and is at the same time establishing an independent company for the development of new digital legal solutions. The name of the new company is .legal and is pronounced "dot legal". The ambition is for the customers to get the utmost from the new digital opportunities.

As the first Danish law firm, Bech-Bruun is now establishing its own legaltech company, .legal. By combining Bech-Bruun's legal specialist knowledge with new technology, .legal is designed to ensure that customers get the optimum benefit from the new digital possibilities.

"The digitalisation provides us with a range of new possibilities to help our customers, also with their own internal legal work. Our foundation as one of the country's largest law firms will naturally still be to deliver highly specialised legal advice, but the new element of our strategy is to develop digital solutions of a very high quality, ensuring that our customers get the maximum benefit from technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning", says Christian Ejvin Andersen, managing director of Bech-Bruun.

Bech-Bruun has taken over the Danish software enterprise d60, which specialises in the development of tailored software solutions, among other things in the legal area, and the employees and the combined experience of this enterprise will constitute the core of the new legaltech company.

.legal is owned by the partners of Bech-Bruun, and the basic task at hand will be to develop integrated digital legal solutions, which can be bought on subscription, irrespective of whether one is a customer at Bech-Bruun or another law firm.

"Our ambition is to be market leader in the area of digital legal services, and we expect significant revenues in this area in future, as the combination of our legal specialist knowledge and new technology will make our customers' everyday lives so much easier. With a subscription for our services they will be able to work smarter and save time, while we ensure that the legal quality is at the top of the range. But this requires that we opt for novel approaches – both in respect of our business model and in respect of how we cooperate with the customers", says Martin Riber Povlsen, CFO of Bech-Bruun.

Cooperation with customers
With digital solutions such as BB SmartDraft, DPA Service and solutions through the software company Pactius, Bech-Bruun has already entered the digital market. The establishment of .legal is the next major step towards realising the digital business strategy. A step, which also strengthens the cooperation on the development of new solutions.

"Our development of new digital solutions starts with a co-creation process together with one or more customers. This contributes to ensuring that the solutions fully live up to the customers' needs and we are getting really good feedback on this. And it is in fact the ability to provide new digital solutions based on this approach which we are strengthening with the establishment of .legal", says Christian Ejvin Andersen.

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