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With this our 2017 CSR report, we at Bech-Bruun for the ninth year running confirm our commitment to the UN Global Compact and the 10 principles with our focus areas: People, Society, Environment, and Ethics & Compliance.  

In 2017, sustainable development was one of the primary focus areas at Bech-Bruun. We have first and foremost focussed on the development of our employees, introducing new appraisal interviews for our senior associates, a new career path for highly experienced lawyers and increased focus on the well-being of our law students. 

As part of the Bech-Bruun model we have continued to focus on being at the forefront of developments in our clients’ industries in order to optimise our advisory services in support of their business objectives. We have again this year shared our knowledge through the Bech-Bruun Academy with clients, business partners and other interested parties, holding more than 65 free courses, late-afternoon seminars and all-day events. 

Responsible business conduct
With our new CSR report we are for the ninth year running confirming our commitment to the UN Global Compact and as one of the leading law firms in Denmark, responsible business conduct is a matter of course. Accordingly, it is important for us that our business partners and suppliers are of the same mind. In 2017 we increased the number of organic suppliers to our canteen, and this was highlighted when our canteen was named Best canteen in Denmark in 2017, an award given by the Danish Agriculture and Food Council. 
In addition, we have in 2017 implemented a new whistle-blower scheme designed to fight organised crime and money laundering. 

You may read more about this and much more in our 2017 CSR report: Sustainable development.