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In the wake of a major organisational transformation and new strategic initiatives, Bech-Bruun changes its visual identity. The distinguished red and dark blue universe has been replaced by a modern logo and refreshing, bright colours to underpin the significant development which the historical law firm has undergone in recent years. "We want to show our surroundings that we have changed and now make an innovative, strong and, in several important respects, unique offer to the market", says Christian Ejvin Andersen, Managing Director.

It was called revolutionary by the legal profession in Denmark when, as part of a major strategic transformation, Bech-Bruun announced its new model for cooperation and partnership, the Bech-Bruun model, in 2016, a so-called "pure lockstep" model, not implemented by any other law firm in Denmark, being a testimony to Bech-Bruun daring to challenge conventional law firms to add value for the clients.   

That times change at Bech-Bruun is no longer confined to staff and clients to witness, it is also now made clear to the surrounding world by way of a visually new and accommodating Bech-Bruun universe characterised by bright and modern colours, text and images which to a greater extent suggest an energetic and progressive provider of advisory services rather than a traditional and conforming law firm.

True, it is said that appearances do not matter. But we believe it is important that what we signal to our surroundings corresponds to our values and the business we actually represent. In that respect, we had, so to speak, outgrown our old and somewhat formal clothes, says Christian Ejvin Andersen.  

Consequently, the new visual identity will show a less buttoned-up and more personal Bech-Bruun image and reflect a culture in which high professional skills and specialised advice go hand in hand with close cooperation and qualities such as cooperativeness, curiosity and vision.


Part of a major transformation
By changing its visual identity, Bech-Bruun wants to highlight its advancement from a law firm generally known under the previous slogan "complexity made simple" to a modern provider of legal advisory services, including business understanding, market orientation, project management, communication and not least cooperation as key elements of pivotal importance to the advisory services rendered. And the courage to be innovative and different is clearly visible.

The visual identity of a business is expressive of its essential characteristics, values, culture and strategic position, and in that context we want to show that we have moved on from the conventional and specialised full service law firm we once were, in line with several other law firms in the sector, Christian Ejvin Andersen states.

The visual identity change is part of an extensive five-year strategic initiative, including development and implementation of the Bech-Bruun model, initiation of an ambitious key account management programme as well as continuous in-house training to enhance the commercial knowledge of all lawyers. The ambition is to create increased in-house cooperation to the benefit of the clients, to the effect that the work will be performed by those who are best suited for the task and, in addition, to focus in a systematic and structured way on acquiring as much knowledge as possible about the clients to better understand their objectives and challenges.

The Bech-Bruun model: A different approach
In brief, the Bech-Bruun model is based on equal distribution of profit among the partners and in-house evaluation on the basis of so-called conduct parameters rather than the "traditional" performance parameters usually applied in the legal sector, including revenue. Consequently, the Bech-Bruun model implies that there is no financial gain from competing internally, and concepts such as "my own clients" and "my revenue" have been eliminated.

"We have more or less turned the conventional way of operating a law firm upside down. Rather than acting as individual specialists, we act collectively as one entity towards the same goals and benefit from in-house skills and expertise, all working together to provide the clients with the best possible advisory services," says Christian Ejvin Andersen.