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Financial legislation poses particular demands on the structure and operation of insurance and pension companies. The regulatory framework for the financial industry is subject to constant change, and the new legislation, which continues to pose new and stricter requirements, affects the way insurance and pension activities are carried out, including the investment process.

The many ways of distributing pension products also make demands on the wording and monitoring of contracts concluded with business partners, not to mention the specific challenges posed by data protection legislation owing to the increased application of personal data. 

We have many years' experience in advising insurance and pension companies on all aspects of financial regulation and regulatory issues.

Our advisory services include:

  • The regulation of insurance and pension companies
  • Development of pension/insurance products and their distribution
  • Pension insurance
  • Internal compliance
  • Public law regulation of pension funds 
  • Investment processes and investment structures (prudent person)
  • Articles of association, pension fund regulations, policies and business procedures
  • Governance issues, including preparation for and conducting of general meetings as chairman
  • Mergers and transfers 
  • Contact to the Danish FSA and relevant authorities, including in connection with inspections or cases 
  • Legal proceedings and other disputes.

We have in-depth knowledge of legislation as well as case law and many years' experience and good working relationships with the Danish FSA and other authorities.

When required to ensure our clients the best advisory services, we cooperate with lawyers from our other areas of expertise such as Regulatory Issues, M&A and Corporate Matters.




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