Public authorities and enterprises include anything from municipalities, regions and profession-oriented special government agencies to public-owned enterprises maintaining large infrastructure or utility tasks. Many things vary in the public sector, but the rules concerning the demands on public administration and political government are common.

We know the landscape in which public authorities and enterprises navigate, and we have experts in all the areas where public authorities and enterprises seek advisory services and are involved in legal proceedings. Our experts are well-versed in the particular case-handling characteristics applying to the individual areas.

We advise municipalities, regions, ports, inter-municipal enterprises, public and private enterprises, and we represent these parties at city courts, the high courts and the Supreme Court, observing the principles that apply to public authorities as parties to legal proceedings.

We advise, prepare investigations and conduct cases about and for public authorities and enterprises concerning the legal matters of same, including:

  • Administration law
  • Liability of public authorities and enterprises
  • Liability issues (legal inquiries and reports)
  • Formation and organisation of public enterprises
  • Foundations and autonomous institutions
  • Social law
  • Capacity issues 
  • Access to information cases
  • Public authorities' financial situations and borrowing
  • Statutory basis in municipal law according to municipal power of attorney or sector legislation
  • Regulations governing public enterprises
  • Inter-municipal enterprises
  • Municipal-owned public limited companies
  • PPP and PPC projects
  • Public law special regulations from rules on compensation for loss of income when enrolling in adult education to the provisions of the Danish Health Act
  • Energy law issues
  • Protection of environment and nature as well as planning

Our team is comprised of highly skilled and deeply specialised lawyers, who all have extensive experience with public clients, and several have been employed with public authorities. We have long-standing experience in advising on all areas of law relating to the public sector. We work across expert areas and render advice and conduct legal proceedings on everything from municipal law issues to liability disputes.

To ensure optimal advisory services, we often cooperate with other areas of expertise such as Infrastructure, Energy & Supply, Real Estate & Construction, Foundations, Compliance, Environment, Procurement, Tax etc.

Public Law & Administration

Public Law


What the team is known for
Multidisciplinary team advising on public law regulation and disputes relating to construction projects in the energy, infrastructure and healthcare sectors. Acts for private companies as well as state entities, often on mandates involving procurement and environment law. Also assists public bodies with internal investigations and inquiries, reviews and amendments to legislation and freedom of information matters.

Clients praise the "very skilled specialists" for their "high level of communication." 

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