Legal changes, impact on operations and any measures regarding COVID19

We review a range of the measures and amended regulations introduced by the authorities in connection with COVID-19. We examine the impact on, for instance, business operations and any measures that an enterprise may apply within various relevant areas.

We are in the midst of an extraordinary situation due to the rapid spread of COVID-19. We must all assume responsibility and take the necessary precautions. Consequently, the majority of our lawyers and employees now work from home, where they – as usual – advise our clients on the best legal solutions and possibilities and naturally on the many critical decisions to be taken now in a very short space of time.

Bech-Bruun is naturally following developments regarding the corona virus closely, and we are taking the situation highly seriously.

We are ready to assist our clients with knowledge and advice on the legal consequences of the corona virus. You can expect fully updated and highly skilled advice without interruptions and in full compliance with our data privacy and IT security procedures.

As a consequence of the pandemic, many undertakings are facing business-critical decisions. At this site you may find answers to your legal questions of doubt – if not in one of our newsletters and check list, then by contacting a member of our specialist team also listed below.

We have specialists in all legal areas, who are prepared to assist you in case of questions of doubt. Below you may find a list of persons to contact depending on what your question pertains to.

Who to contact within our areas of expertise

Labour and employment law

You can contact partner Lise Lauridsen.

Business Immigration

You can contact partner Sandro Ratkovic.

Commercial Contracts

You can contact partner Dan Bjerg Geary.

Energy and energy supply

You can contact partner Johan Weihe.

Construction law

You can contact partner Jens Hjortskov.

EU and competition law as well as procurement
Real estate

You can contact partner Tina Braad.

Financing, capital markets, insolvency and restructuring
Insurance and general contract issues
Intellectual Property & Technology

You can contact partner Dan Bjerg Geary.

IP & Trademark
Life Sciences
M&A and Corporate Matters

You can contact partner Niels Kornerup.


Public Law & Administration
Data Protection

You can contact partner Mikkel Friis Rossa.

Transport and shipping

You can contact partner Thomas Frøbert.

Financial Analyses