In connection with a legal issue it is often of value to conduct a financial analysis. This applies in relation to pricing and assessment of mergers subject to competition rules, in tax matters such as transfer pricing, when considering acquisition or sale of an enterprise or real estate, on estate planning, and on calculation of damages.

We have extensive expertise in the area of financial analysis in these connections, for instance calculation of costs incurred in cases relating to competition law, or pursuant to the Danish Payments Act, when assessing whether a pricing model complies with the law. In relation to transactions and in a tax context, we are highly experienced in the estimation of enterprises and assets and understand the considerations facing both buyer and seller. Moreover, we are experts at calculating damages in preparation for hearing before a Danish court. 

Our advisory services include:

  • Financial aspects of the pricing of dominant enterprises
  • Calculation of costs in connection with assessment of pricing and discounts, etc., pursuant to competition rules and the Payments Act
  • Assessment of financial consequences of mergers
  • Pricing in general 
  • Valuation of enterprises, real estate and intangible assets, also in a transfer pricing context
  • Calculation and drafting of financial documentation of claims for damages
  • Financial assessment of causality and transfer of risk
  • Drafting of transfer pricing documentation
  • Second opinion of transfer pricing documentation
  • Drafting of financial analyses and arguments in connection with legal proceedings, e.g. tax cases, transfer pricing cases or actions in damages
  • Drafting of control bids in connection with procurement 
  • Accounts analyses in connection with conclusion of agreement and restructuring. 

We offer our clients value-adding supplementary advisory services of the highest quality. Our team consists of financial experts with many years' experience and insight into the financial issues related to legal matters, and who understand the connections linking legal and financial issues. We focus on delivering holistic advisory services, comprising legal as well as financial aspects.

When relevant, we cooperate closely with other lawyers specialised in areas such as EU & Competition, Tax, Insurance, M&A and Corporate Matters, Capital Markets and Intellectual Property.

Financial Analyses


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