We wish to inspire and create good and viable solutions that will protect your business, your family and your assets throughout your lifetime well as in the event of death. Handing over a business or assets for succession means entering a cross-field of many different areas of expertise, involving law, tax, valuation, etc. In addition to this, each family has its own personal considerations to manage.

Getting started – and prioritising what to consider first and what might be more important – may seem complicated. Doing the right thing is your responsibility. Helping you get there is ours. 

We possess high technical expertise and vast experience in creating good and personal solutions with a commercial understanding. Each family and each business is special. Consequently, each succession process needs to be handled with care and understanding, applying a wise balance between technicalities and human beings. Even if the case does not concern an operating business but instead accumulated assets.

Bech-Bruun provides a professional and structured working relationship based on knowledge, experience and care.

We can help
In Denmark, we are at the forefront in the area of advising on and handling estate planning and are often invited into the process by trade associations, banks, auditors and other lawyers. We ensure that our knowledge and experience are applied actively wherever relevant.

  • Our advisory services include:
  • Relevant considerations for the family, the business and the assets
  • Planning and procedure
  • Taxation and valuation
  • Business structure
  • Securing of assets on divorce or death
  • Cross-border asset and family matters

We take responsibility. We think holistically. We get involved in all considerations and bring them to the table. In a good way. This is how we establish holistic solutions for all parties. We can place ourselves at the centre or on the sidelines, according to your needs.


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