Regulation becoming stricter, ESG is a topic of growing interest to enterprises now as well as going forward, and enterprises are continuously subject to new requirements when it comes to environmental, social and governance issues. Bech-Bruun's specialists are ready to help your enterprise complying with such regulations and requirements.

Rendering advice on Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) and sustainability initiatives is much more than a legal specialist area. To many enterprises, sustainability and focus on corporate social responsibility are new ways of organising a business and approaching solutions and products. At Bech-Bruun, we focus on ESG and sustainability initiatives as an integral part of our advice within a wide range of legal areas.

Opportunities and risks due to stricter regulation

One of the areas subject to much regulation is the investment area in which ESG and sustainability initiatives are powered by the EU's "Green Deal". However, many other sectors and enterprises also notice the development, and customers, business partners, employees and not least the enterprises show intention to move into the direction of sustainable production to the benefit of all. This creates opportunities of innovation and development, but risks also occur which must be identified and handled - and preferably uncovered beforehand.

Specialised and interdisciplinary ESG advice

When seeking advice from us, we always provide you with a highly specialised team including skilled expertise in and knowledge of your exact trade. Consequently, we render advice on ESG and sustainability initiatives across a wide legal spectrum joined in several specialist teams:

The advice on ESG and sustainability initiatives offered by us will always be based on your particular trade. In that way, we will provide you with the best tools to navigate the complex ESG rules and assess the importance of ESG and sustainability to your line of trade.

ESG in Bech-Bruun

Corporate social responsibility is a fundamental element of the way we operate our business.


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