Stricter financial regulation and new digital technologies are just some of the trends that have increased the focus of enterprises on compliance and risks. In a few years, rules and regulations have been tightened in many areas and converted into actual legal requirements.

Moreover, regulation breaches are treated with an increasing degree of severity and consistency. Breach of applicable legislation can result in fines or even – in certain areas – imprisonment. Also, very often it will cause severe damage to the enterprise’s reputation.

As such, corporate compliance is an area that is high on managements’ agendas and is becoming increasingly integrated into the daily operations of enterprises. Generally, corporate compliance means that an enterprise is compliant with legislation, standards and the enterprise’s policies in order to minimise risks. Compliance with legislation poses a growing challenge for many enterprises as they become subject to still more rules. 

We can help
Our goal is to minimise the risk and ensure our clients the highest possible degree of compliance. As a full-service law firm we can assist your enterprise – regardless of industry or type of activities – in establishing an overview and identifying areas of considerable risk as well as prioritising future efforts.

We provide a one-stop-shop approach and render advice in areas such as risk analysis, preparation for and implementation of compliance programmes as well as training in the area. Our advisory services include:

  • Compliance analyses
  • Compliance programmes
  • Legal risk management
  • Corporate governance
  • Supplier investigation.

We also offer monitoring of legal developments, informing you of aspects that might be of interest to your enterprise.

If the damage is done, we assist internally as well as externally. Our internal assistance may involve advice on crisis management, investigation and clarification of the course of events, or mapping of possible reactions with a view to containing the damage. Externally we handle relations with the persons affected and the authorities.

Our broad expertise means that all aspects are considered at all times, providing you with the best possible advisory services. We work closely together with you and your enterprise to arrive at a solution tailored to your specific needs. You gain access to a plethora of legal expertise in the area of corporate compliance.

We also frequently cooperate with our specialists in the areas of for instance Data Protection, Economic Crime & Anti-Corruption, EU & Competition, Labour and Employment Law, Financing, Insurance, Pension.



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