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The Terms of Business for Bech-Bruun Law Firm P/S apply to the legal assistance and the services we provide to our clients, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Any disputes are governed by Danish Law and must be heard by the City Court of Copenhagen.

Conflicts of interest 
We do not accept cases for clients in which a current or imminent risk of a conflict of interests exists. In order to be able to identify potential conflicts of interest we have fixed in-house procedures and a thorough quality assurance system. Any issues of doubt about a potential conflict of interests will be considered by our in-house Conflict and Ethics Committee chaired by Lars Lindencrone Petersen, Knowledge Management Partner at Bech-Bruun and former High Court judge.

Bech-Bruun is subject to a duty of confidentiality in respect of the affairs of our clients. We place high priority on treating all information we receive from or about our clients strictly confidentially. Accordingly, all of Bech-Bruun’s employees are obliged to observe an extended duty of confidentiality, and we focus strongly on security procedures for the handling of confidential material.

We have in-house guidelines in place for both partners and employees complying with the requirements of the Danish Securities Trading Act for disclosure of inside information about listed companies and any trade in listed securities.

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