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SmartDraft is a digital document drafting service developed with the simple aim to make life easier for all those working with legal documents.

SmartDraft allows clients to draft high-quality legal documents in an effortless and swift manner. The system is easy to use and replaces the traditional document templates known by most people.

This is how the system works
In SmartDraft, you draft your document with a few clicks and the help of a drafting guide. The guide navigates you through the drafting process and makes sure that you make all the relevant choices.

Access the documents you need
We have made it easy for you to combine the contents on our platform so you will always be able to access the documents you need. SmartDraft allows you not only to access Bech-Bruun's templates, but also to create your own templates that match your specific requirements.

Smart benefits
The SmartDraft templates have been quality assured by Bech-Bruun and may easily be adapted to meet your specific requirements. Using SmartDraft may benefit you by:

  • Reducing the time spent on drafting your legal documents
  • Assuring the quality of your documents
  • Increasing the uniformity of your document portfolio
  • Reducing the risk of errors in your documents

As it is, by using SmartDraft, Bech-Bruun has itself achieved a 60% cut in time spent on handling own employment contracts.

You can download our brochure here.

Fixed fee
At a fixed, monthly subscription fee of DKK 5,000, you can designate five users to access SmartDraft. The subscription fee includes access to Bech-Bruun's basic package and the option of creating any number of your own document templates on the platform*.

Bech-Bruun's basic package includes numerous legal documents used for matters dealing with, for example, employment law, company law, M&A and data protection law:

  • Employment contract for employees paid by the hour
  • Employment contract for salaried employees
  • Termination for convenience
  • Addendum to employment contract
  • Register of shareholders
  • Rules of Procedure
  • Minutes of general meeting
  • Articles of association
  • Formation package
  • NDAs
  • Share notes
  • SPAs
  • Data processing agreements
  • Privacy policy for websites
  • Privacy policy for employees
  • Consent to use employee images
  • Other (the basic package is continually extended to include more documents)

Depending on your requirements, you may also opt to subscribe to supplementary services, such as:

  • Additional templates: Obtain access to other Bech-Bruun templates. 
  • Bespoke format: Add your logo and format to the document templates.
  • Extra users: Authorise more colleagues to access the system.
  • Own licence: If you desire unlimited access with your own licence, you may also opt for the contract-package solution

*The implementation of own templates is offered at a fixed one-off fee to be negotiated on an individual basis.

More information
For more information about SmartDraft please contact Torsten Torpe, Head of Legal Tech Innovation