We offer a number of supplementary services.

A comprehensive in-house training programme, monthly news service, apps and digital systems adjusted to your needs. These are merely some of the many services we offer in addition to our legal advisory services. What is key for our additional services is the desire to provide holistic solutions based on your needs. 

Even more simple and efficient
At Bech-Bruun we believe that digitisation brings about many advantages, and we continuously develop new digital systems and solutions to make your workflow even more simple and efficient and to make our services even better.  

With PACTIUS - a digital contract management system - you may for instance easily store and follow up on your contracts. After all, what is a good contract really worth if compliance is not ensured? And with the compliance tool Privacy you get an overview of your organisation's processing of personal data in one go. Insolvensportalen.dk (our insolvency portal) makes it even easier for you as a creditor to prove your claims against an estate.

Bech-Bruun’s Dawn Raid app makes it easier for you to be on top of your dawn raid contingency planning if faced with an unannounced control inspection by the competition authorities – and with the Bech-Bruun Employment Law App you may quickly get an overview of your employees’ rights in a termination situation.

In addition, Bech-Bruun’s Extranet is among the additional services that our clients may use where relevant. The Extranet contains the online tools:

  • Bech-Bruun DealRoom
  • Bech-Bruun Business Online (BBO)
  • Bech-Bruun Legal Templates.

To access Bech-Bruun' digital services visit extranet.bechbruun.com.


Innovative advisory services
It is our clear goal to create as much value as possible for our clients at all times. In other words, our future job is the same as our current job. The setting will, however, change. The world is ever-changing and, as a response to the changes and possibilities encountered by you and the industries in which you operate, we continuously work to develop our services and legal counselling to meet your needs – and preferably more than that. 

In addition to legal advice, which naturally is the core of our business, we also have a keen eye on strategic business development.  We make a great effort on a daily basis to understand your reality, challenges and opportunities. This also means that we continuously develop brand new advisory services. 

Most recently, we have launched our new advisory service, DPO-service, addressing the tasks required by the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). When the GDPR entered into effect on 25 May 2018, all public authorities and certain enterprises were required to appoint a Data Protection Officer. With Bech-Bruun’s DPO Services, enterprises may outsource this task to Bech-Bruun and our team of experienced data protection specialists. 

We also offer a surveillance programme for trademarks and domain names. And with BEST – Bech-Bruun Emergency Service Team we are ready to service clients 24/7, including on weekends, in case of legal emergencies.  

Become updated and geared for the future
With the training offered by us in Bech-Bruun Academy we ensure that your in-house lawyers are geared to meet the steadily increasing demands encountered within your organisation. Whether such demands are of a legal nature or include business and organisational principles, management, etc. And with our knowledge and legal services, we ensure that you are kept updated with the most recent knowledge, assistance when needed and the latest templates. 

At Bech-Bruun, we have also established a number of networks centred on professional skills. With BB Network we provide our network participants with the possibility of exchanging knowledge and experience. You will get inspiration and the chance of developing in your area of expertise. You will also learn about areas in which you had no advance knowledge. Furthermore, networks will give you the chance of testing new ideas, considerations and thoughts.  You will be challenged and given the opportunity to debate pros and cons.