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CSR from within.

We commit ourselves to CSR initiatives supporting the values on which our business is based. We have, for instance, in the past built two schools in Africa in cooperation with Save the Children Denmark, worked with contractors in Kenya and entered into numerous pro bono partnerships with e.g. the Danish Red Cross, the Mary Foundation, WWF Denmark and Foreningen Grønlandske Børn (Greenlandic children and young people's welfare association). We also focus to a great extent on knowledge sharing and training, and every year we arrange a wide range of courses and seminars for our clients through our Academy. Over the past many years, we have made significant efforts to reduce our consumption of resources. As a result of these efforts we now have the lowest consumption ever of electricity, water and heating per employee, and we have never generated as little waste per employee as we do now.

Our work and business methods are based on good conduct and respect for our clients, our employees and our surroundings. In this connection, we have prepared a code of conduct expressing the requirements we pose on employees and business partners.


In 2015, we were one of the first law firms to adopt the new code of conduct "AdvokatKODEKS" introduced by the Association of Danish Law Firms. Responsible business conduct is a crucial element in the way we do business. Consequently, adopting the new code of conduct was a natural step for us. Adopting the code of conduct means that we will continue to perform our work based on the following five principles: Openness, social responsibility, handling of ethical dilemmas, focus on clients and employees, and diversity. Having adopted the code of conduct introduced by the Association of Danish Law Firms, we undertake to include the five principles in our work, which all contribute to value creation within society as well as the best possible advisory services for our clients.

Since 2009 we have been committed to the UN Global Compact and make annual reports on our initiatives and results. Click here to download the reports in which you may also read about our pro bono work and our pro bono partnerships.