Legal English Terminology: Expand and improve your legal English vocabulary

The law is complicated, and it is often described using very specific words and phrases.

It is important to understand the exact meaning and usage of this vocabulary - a good command of legal terminology is crucial to professional success when working in English. Much of the legal language used today has been created and formed along with the development of legislation and laws.

Therefore, legal terminology is rooted in history. It has changed and evolved at a slower pace than other language, and it often remains complex, illogical and even baffling.

Legal English includes some vocabulary which is virtually exclusive to the legal domain, and some common English words have different or special meanings when used in a legal context.

Since legal language is so closely linked to national law, certain elements cannot be directly or easily translated from one language to another. Instead, it is important to understand and carefully explain specific terms and concepts. Clumsy translations can easily result in errors and misunderstandings.

This course covers terminology related to a range of areas of law, including:

  • Legal systems and procedures
  • Contracts
  • Corporate law
  • Real estate and construction law Intellectual property
  • Litigation and dispute resolution
  • Employment law
  • Competition law. 

The seminar will be in English, and the main focus will be on British English terminology.

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This webinar is for anyone who would like to refresh, brush-up or expand their legal English terminology.

Ekstern underviser

Penelope K. L. Mikkelsen, Director of Studies, The English Coach

Penelope has worked as a language teacher for 30 years, and, for the last 20 years, many of her clients have been Denmark’s largest companies. Penelope is founder and Director of The English Coach. She has a degree in Modern languages from Southampton University and Oxford University and is a postgraduate teacher of English as a Foreign Language, with a specialism in Legal English.