Trademark and domain name surveillance programme

A strong trademark may be one of the most important assets to your business. As a result, protecting trademarks is key in avoiding that competing businesses and brands weaken your identity and market position.

We recommend that businesses holding one or more important trademarks arrange for surveillance. The only way to prevent others from registering a trademark which is confusingly similar to your trademark is to perform surveillance of the trademark and – if required – oppose such registration.

We offer our clients a surveillance arrangement providing ease of mind by ensuring that trademarks are protected against infringement and unauthorised use.

How does it work?
The surveillance is performed electronically by one of our suppliers specialising within the field.

The surveillance arrangement covers specific classes of goods and/or services in countries or areas specified by you.

Bech-Bruun is alerted when others attempt to register trademarks which are similar or identical to the trademark under surveillance.

What to include?
Your specific needs will determine the framework of the surveillance arrangement.

We will for example agree on:

  • Which classes of goods and/or services should be covered
  • Which countries should be included
  • The required detail level of the assessment

Surveillance arrangements may include individual countries, areas or the entire world. Surveillance in Denmark includes national trademarks, Community Trademarks (CTM) and international registrations applicable in Denmark.

How can we help?
When we receive a surveillance alert, we conduct a preliminary assessment of whether a conflict exists. Our knowledge of the business and its activities is included in the assessment.

Our preliminary assessment is sent to your business. The assessment may contribute to a decision as to whether we will contact the applicant or oppose registration of the trademark in question. This, however, requires that we are authorised as agents for the holder of the trademark under surveillance.

Would you like to know more?
If you would like to know more about how we may assist your company with trademark and domain name surveillance, please contact partner Claus Barrett Christiansen.

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