Bech-Bruun Extranet - DealRoom and Business Online

Bech-Bruun Extranet is one of the extra services that our clients may draw on, whenever relevant.

Our extranet includes the online services "DealRoom", "Bech-Bruun Business Online" (BBO) and “Bech-Bruun Legal Templates".

Bech-Bruun DealRoom
Bech-Bruun DealRoom is an online virtual data room designed to streamline and optimise due diligence processes in connection with, for example, M&A transactions.

The log-on system provides users all over the world with secure night and day access to documents and data.

The system accommodates an unlimited number of users and allows for access control down to document level. Moreover, the swift search facility lets you search via selected words in phrases and document titles, making it easy to find specific data in a large number of documents.

Bech-Bruun Business Online
Bech-Bruun Business Online (BBO) is a web-based platform including an online document folder system providing access to corporate documents.

BBO provides access to final corporate documents, such as transcripts from the Danish Business Authority, articles of association and minute books.

Using BBO, you may easily and quickly access and print required documents, whenever and wherever. And you decide who gets access to BBO, and to which documents.

Bech-Bruun Legal Templates
Bech-Bruun Legal Templates offers legal templates in Danish and English within the areas of labour and employment law, EU and competition law, real estate, IP and company law.

Access to Bech-Bruun Legal Templates is free of charge and available to your company provided that you have entered into a framework agreement with Bech-Bruun or use us as your preferred law firm.

Safety above all
Bech-Bruun’s extranet supplier, HighQ, is fully ISO 27001:2013 Compliant certified. Thereby HighQ has a international recognised certification:

We were previously certified to the ISO27001:2005 standard and have now renewed our certificate , together by transitioning to the newer, more robust ISO27001:2013 standard. Published in September 2013, the latest ISO 27001:2013 standard is the recognised international benchmark for information security management, outlining how to implement and uphold an independently assessed and certified information security management system (ISMS). 

Read more about our online service provider HighQ.

Would you like to know more?
For more information on our online services, please contact Head of Information Technology Stefan Winquist.

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