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  • 18 June 2012

Danske Commodities A/S acquires CHP plant at DTU, Technical University of Denmark, from DONG

In end-April, closing took place of Danske Commodities A/S's (assisted by Bech-Bruun) acquisition of DTU CHP plant from the seller DONG Energy Power A/S.

Danske Commodities' acquisition of DONG Energy's CHP plant forms part of Danske Commodities' growth strategy "Passion for Energy" centred on the development of new strategic steps, including new business areas. With its new status as electricity producer, Danske Commodities wishes to use the synergistic effect across the value chain and the existing business areas of the company.

Simon Milthers who will become partner of Bech-Bruun as at 1 July 2012 and Per Hemmer, partner, are the two driving forces in several transactions involving CHP plants and transmission lines.

Bech-Bruun has also provided legal advice to the public utility companies of the Municipalities of Ringsted, Elsinore and Hillerød, respectively, on their acquisitions of local plants:

In November 2011, Bech-Bruun assisted the Municipality of Ringsted in its acquisition of Ringsted CHP plant from DONG Energy.

In June 2011, the public utility company Helsingør Forsyning acquired Elsinore CHP plant from Swedish Vattenfall for purposes of expanding the district heating system and becoming less dependent on fossil fuels. 

Back in December 2010, Bech-Bruun assisted the Municipality of Hillerød in its acquisition of Hillerød CHP plant. Again, the seller of the CHP plant was Swedish Vattenfall.

If you have any questions to the above, please feel free to contact Per Hemmer or Simon Milthers.

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